“The Latvian-born artist has crafted a sound niche reflective of her journeys, both physical and emotional. Hope, wanderlust, and self-reflection emerge as raw materials for carefully sculpted compositions; her lyrics brim with intimacy.”                                                             (Jazz Speaks by Stephanie Jones)

…she delivered a beautiful array of pieces that gorgeously framed her clear tone, understated phrasing, and a knack for memorable melodies. But more deeply, Arta created a meditation on light, in its natural form certainly, but also in its spiritual and human capacity.”                                                                                                                                             (Hot House Jazz Guide- Seton Hawkins)

“In her music, you can hear warmth, gratitude, and compassion, as well as crystal-clear intention and focus.                                                                                                                          (Jazz Speaks by Noah Fishman)

“Beyond her vocal artistry, Jēkabsone is a perceptive composer and curator, developing interdisciplinary projects that expand across style, media, and time period.” (Jazz Speaks by Kevin Laskey)

“She is a beauty on stage, but in a very natural way, honest and playful – totally into the music; – let’s call her Arta Sunshine Jēkabsone.”                                                                 (Montreux Jazz Shure Voice Competition diaries by Sabine Kühlich)

“Those that hear her cannot forget her immensely positive energy and refined mastery of craft that is truly one of a kind.”                                                                                                     (Multi-instrumentalist, gamer, and composer Jasper Dütz)

“Arta Jēkabsone is a voice that will soothe any pain or suffering. She is the guardian and ambassador of light, love, and peace. Yet, she still can bedazzle you with complex, but not overwhelming lines and melodies, and she freely takes command of harmony and rhythm.” (Composer and pianists Edgars Cīrulis)

“Every now and again something truly new comes around. It’s rare, so when that happens, the experience is truly special. Such an experience is awaiting one’s ears when they experience the artistry which is Arta Jekabsone. Her compositions are rooted in her life’s journey, infused with the deep roots of her native country, and most importantly, her performances are filled with the genuine, real, authentic expressions which are at the heart of her improvisations. Her voice communicates powerfully and her compositions and arrangements are equally moving. It was a pleasure to have her at the Jazz Loft  and to collaborate with her on stage.”                                            (Thomas J. Manuel, D.M.A.President & Founder, The Jazz Loft, Inc.)

“Arta: daudzsološa, ar savu radošo domu … darbu un uzņēmību … kā putniņš veidojas par lakstīgalu… Artas radošā laboratorija – komanda ar patiesi radošiem un kompetentiem jaunas paaudzes mūziķiem. Es ar nedalītu interesi noklausījos visus brīnumus un pavērsienus prasmīgu mūziķu rokās un domās – ne katram gadās novākt tādu uzticamu radošu vienību. Mēs gaidām vēl! Saulaina (neviltota) būtība un saturisks skatuves tēls.” (Komponists Uģis Prauliņš)

“Gan pēc vizuālā ietērpa, nosaukuma, gan saturiski tas ir vienots māksliniecisks veselums. Dziedātājai, kura ieguvusi lielisku izglītību un turpina mācīties, ir savdabīgi skaista balss, kuras galvenā kvalitāte ir smalks, nesamākslots un intonatīvi precīzs skanējums. Improvizācijas raisa iztēli un atklāj saturu, kurā savijas gaismēnas, saules kristāli, mākoņi, sapņi un atmiņu tēli, tiek uzburtas dažādas redzes un izjūtu gleznas. Tas izklausās viegli, jo Artai piemīt meistarība, kas liek noticēt jaunās dziedātājas neordinārajam talantam. Viņa, būdama arī kompozīciju autore, patiesi izdzied savu dvēseles stāstu. Viņai ir, ko teikt pasaulei, un viņa to dara pārliecinoši.”                                                            (Dzejniece Iveta Šimkus)

There’s a beguiling oddness to hearing the words “I put the blue bin out in my best blue pyjamas” sung by a voice as clear and as pure as cold water drawn from a well in a fairytale village. This air of ethereal otherness hangs throughout the rest of the collection, like Scandinavian mist…Beachfinds is a very special and affecting collaboration. And aptly named, too. It’s like a beautifully polished piece of sea glass held up to the sun. A bit like Dean Wilson himself. Hats off to Erik and Arta for taking Dean’s words and dressing them up in new and different clothes.                                  (The Crow’s Nest, a music column by Russ Litten)

Ilona Kudiņa and her Baltic Transit  album review on “JAZZin” Electronic Jazz Magazine by Valters Sprūdžs, Issue Nr.33
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