About Arta’s Debut Album.

Wherever I go, I see the light. I see it in every human being and in the sky – sunlight, moonlight, starlight and dream-light. Do you see it and do you feel it? I live in a world, where people share the light with each other. Music for me is the source that spreads the light. I’m fortunate to have so much light around me. (Arta Jēkabsone)



Light is a conceptual jazz album. “Light” holds the vibration of light as a feeling and each person’s inner light. It is Arta’s thought process and inspiration that has been captured together with young, talented and in the NYC jazz scene actively working musicians. Arta considers these musicians as her NYC family – piano Theo Walentiny, bass Nick Dunston, guitar Lucas Kadish, drums Connor Parks.

This album consists of 13 tracks – original compositions by Arta Jēkabsone and Nick Dunston. The main message is “light” as a means of expression in music and in nature that is very dear to Arta.  Also “light” is used as a metaphor for human beings and their energy, that they share with the world; dreams; and also, homesickness.  The purpose of this music is to find the light within in each other while being a part of this musical journey.  Then the ability to share the light with each other. To live in a moment, while listening to the lightness and the stories that the musicians are creating and sharing with each other.

The album was recorded in summer 2017 Montreux, Switzerland, at Hana Road Music Studio with a support from Montreux Jazz Artist Foundation. Music was captured in the week of the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival 51st, where the music had its first live premiere at the Montreux Jazz Club on the 12th of July.  Debut album saw its daylight on the 16th of December of the year 2017.


Band members: 


Arta Jēkabsone – voice & compositions

Theo Walentiny – piano

Lucas Kadish – guitar

Nick Dunston – bass & compositions

Connor Parks – drums


Available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora and many more digital streaming sites.

Physical copies available privately or at concert venues.